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Mobile Training & Development Platform Examples

We encourage you to look at this New Employee Orientation Manual and New Management Training Class (Communication) on multiple learning devices (i.e. phone, tablet, laptop, desktop) and see how the materials seamlessly re-configure to not only whatever device you're on, but also that device's orientation (i.e. portrait/landscape). Also look for (and engage with) all of the interactive functions contained within both programs. Some of these interactions include video, audio, interactive responses, flip cards, quizzes, and live links. This packet is just one sample of the capabilities and impact of a mobile learning delivery platform. Every element in this platform can be customized to any HR or Training function of any Hospitality operation. 


Staff Orientation & Onboarding

An effective onboarding program begins before the new hires’ start date and continues well through their first days, weeks, and months on the job. Hospitality organizations with successful onboarding programs create a comprehensive onboarding plan, establish clear roles for the key stakeholders, and develop robust and interactive orientation training sessions. We can develop a structured, integrated employee onboarding program for you (virtual platform based or in-person) with new employee orientation at its core. LEARN MORE  

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New Leadership & Management Orientation 

One of the biggest challenges for a Hospitality Professional can be the successful transition from a line staff position into one of a leadership, supervisory, or management role. Often, these new positions will come with the proper operational and technical training needed, but will lack the necessary leadership and management skill sets that are critical to the success of leading any team. Communication, leadership, team building, delegating, multi-tasking, and recruitment & hiring are just but a few of the core skill sets we build into our programs. Our custom "in-house" management training programs not only meet these essential needs for a new manager, they exceed them!  LEARN MORE

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Mobile Employee Handbook

We specialize in designing interactive e-platform based (mobile) employee handbooks that are a compilation of the policies, procedures, working conditions, and behavioral expectations that will guide employee actions in the workplace. Effective Hospitality Operators need employee handbooks to not only provide a consistent set of policies and procedures, they also need the handbooks to describe working conditions, work expectations, workplace behavior, workplace culture, and employee contributions. LEARN MORE


Mobile Training & Development Programs

Mobile learning has acquired a new paradigm in today's business market, as our "on-the-go" lifestyles have moved us to depend more and more platforms that can move with us. If designed correctly, mobile learning (or mLearning) can save substantial time while also providing "just-in-time" learning opportunities. Our specialty is providing Hospitality Operators with "in-house" mobile learning platforms that are fully adaptable to a multi-generational workforce, and can bring your technical, operational, or managerial training to a whole new level!  LEARN MORE

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