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Train the Trainer (Management & Leadership)

Just showing someone what to do, or guiding a team member through their daily duties does not constitute effective training and facilitation. That's why our Train the Trainer program is tailor designed for both leadership and management in the Hospitality Industry who have little to no formal training or facilitation experience. Our 2-day program covers the core concepts of practical instructional design skills, multi-platform training techniques, effective communication, Adult Learning Theory, and the principles of leadership. It also provides the critical skills needed to facilitate learning and ensure retention, instruction, coaching and feedback. This program is offered in on-site, mobile  learning, or WebLive classroom formats.. LEARN MORE


Leadership and Coaching

This course develops the key emotional intelligence competencies, presents a powerful approach to performance feedback, and gives leaders a taste of the true power and responsibility of leadership and coaching within their organization. They will develop valuable skills, tools, and behaviors that are the basis for creating motivation and success within their operation. With an experiential focus on leadership, coaching practices, and feedback, the program is tailored specifically to Hospitality organizational needs and gives insight into how to facilitate high performance in both individuals and teams. LEARN MORE


Food & Beverage Ownership/Management

The Restaurant & Bar Ownership Program is designed to teach people with limited to no industry experience about the process of conceiving and designing a successful Food and Beverage operation and getting your F&B operation to opening day successfully. In this program you will learn the core fundamental principals of identifying market needs, location selection, business plan development, feasibility studies, purchase and lease agreements, design and build out, operations structuring, menu development, commercial insurance and liabilities, fixed and variable cost projections, marketing and advertising, and HR and recruitment. LEARN MORE


Team Building (Management and Leadership)

Team performance in the Hospitality Industry is driven by members who can quickly align and coordinate their actions and perform efficiently to achieve a common objective. Using a combination of on-site and off-site methods, our Team Building training assists your management and leadership in helping develop their team-building expertise in coaching, mentoring, collaborating, delegating, managing conflict, providing performance feedback and creating effective stakeholder relationships with team-building skills. LEARN MORE

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Effective Communication

Hospitality Managers and Leaders at all levels must rely upon sound communication for effective working relationships. Through self-assessments, role-playing activities, and video simulations, this training course provides the effective communication skills in the work place needed to handle all types of situations with a flexible, genuine, and self-confident approach, while building collaborative relationships based on trust and respect. LEARN MORE


Recruitment and Interviewing 

Recruiting the best candidates for your Hospitality team is an incredibly important function. Yet it can often seem a daunting exercise as the potential consequences of making the wrong decision are both dire and costly. Our course is designed to help managers make the right decisions in the recruitment of new staff. Our emphasis is on the use of a structured approach where good preparation and effective interviewing techniques ensure that the ‘right’ candidates are taken on by the organization in accordance with internal policies, best practice and legal considerations. LEARN MORE