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Custom Training Solutions
Custom Training Solutions

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Management - Operations - Leadership - Team Building - Communications - Mobile Learning

Hospitality Training Specialists



Our mobile and Weblive training programs are designed to teach the comprehensive skills sets that are vital to a Hospitality based operation. They have been structured to teach all levels of management and leadership talent contained within your operation. 


Participants in these classes will gain a new sense of confidence in their abilities as well as a practical working knowledge of the concepts underlying effective management, leadership, coaching, team building, communications, professional training, talent recruitment, and interviewing. They will also develop skills sets which are crucial to creating effective management, team alignment, and achieving extraordinary results.

All of our classes are offered in both mobile access and Weblive formats. 



Effective training and development for your management team and employees is the single best investment you can make in those that you deeply depend on to lead and run your organization. These are the people who oversee your organization's strategies and assist in its short and long-term success. 

We specialize in the development and custom design of affordable mobile, live classroom, and virtual platform training solutions for operators that may lack the talent, capital, or resources to develop their own systems. 


Our products include mobile on-boarding and orientation, employee e-handbooks, and in-house custom training and development classes





We offer the Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training (BASSET) program for both students and instructors which is regulated by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission.


We have been teaching BASSET students and Instructors since 1996, and have trained and certified more than 65% of the BASSET Instructors in the State of Illinois, and over 18,000 BASSET students.


Our BASSET Instructor Certification class also includes all of your ILCC pre-approved BASSET classroom materials so you can start teaching your own BASSET classes right away. 


We offer both Online and Live Certification classes for both BASSET Instructors and students. In addition,  all of our class materials are 2020/2021 current. 


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