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  • What is liquor liability consulting, and why is it important for my business?
    Liquor liability consulting involves a comprehensive review of your alcohol sales and service practices, ensuring compliance with laws and minimizing risks. It's vital for protecting your business's reputation and legal standing.
  • What areas do you cover during a liquor liability compliance review?
    Our compliance review delves into all aspects of alcohol sales and service operations, including identification processes, staff training, and adherence to state and local laws.
  • How can policy analysis benefit my establishment?
    Policy analysis provides valuable insights for enhancing your alcohol-related policies and procedures. House policy issues such as checking ID's, over serving a customer, intervention with an intoxicated customer, early signs of intoxication or drug use detection, confrontation strategies, and municipal compliance checks, are all common policies and practices that many operators will pay less attention to, but can cost them everything if not practiced on a regular basis. Policy analysis and adjustments ensures your house policies align perfectly with your unique business needs, reducing liabilities and improving compliance.
  • What kind of staff training programs do you offer, and why are they important?
    Our staff training programs equip your team with the knowledge and skills needed for responsible alcohol sales and service. They are essential to ensure compliance, reduce risks, and empower your staff for success. We offer training on Identification Techniques, Prevention and Intervention, Conflict Resolution, Effective Management Oversight, and Dam Shop Liabilities.
  • Who are your guest speakers, and what topics do they cover?
    Our experienced guest speakers are experts in responsible alcohol service, compliance, and safety. They are former owners/operators and law enforcement, dram shop liability experts, hospitality trainers and educators, and industry reps. They cover a wide range of topics, including legal changes and emerging trends in alcohol service.
  • How can I book your guest speakers for my event or gathering?
    To book our guest speakers for your event, simply contact us with event details and preferred topics. We'll work with you to arrange a knowledgeable and engaging presentation.
  • Do you offer podcasts or webinars related to liquor liability and responsible alcohol service?
    Yes, we provide engaging podcasts and webinars (free of charge) that cover various liquor liability topics, helping you stay informed and prepared in the industry.
  • Can I customize your staff training programs to suit my business's specific needs?
    Absolutely! Our staff training programs are highly customizable to address your unique concerns and requirements, ensuring optimal alignment with your business goals.
  • When is it more beneficial to become BASSET Instructor Certified, rather than just sending people to a class?
    If you have more than 25 employees, seasonal help, high turnover, or logistical problems for attendance, we reccommend trainer certification.
  • What is the fee to the Illinois Liquor Control Commission for my BASSET Instructor License?
    $350 for your initial application and license, and $350 each year for renewal.
  • Is it more economically feasible to be a BASSET Certified Trainer?
    The cost of the Online BASSET Trainer Program plus all of your classroom materials is $425 and the live class is $550. Your annual BASSET Instructor License is an additional $350, for a total first year cost of $775-$900. The average BASSET instructor charges $35 per student to conduct a live class. That means if you had 30 employees to train in that first year, you would save $150-$275 in that first year alone becoming a trainer. Each year after that, you would only have the $350 license renewal fee to contend with.
  • How long will it take to get my BASSET Instructor License once I've applied?
    You should receive your license 2-3 weeks after you apply.
  • If I receive my BASSET Trainer Certification under one company or municiality, and I moved to a new one, will I have to take the program again.
    The short answer is yes, but it would be a shorter modified version of your original class.
  • If I am a certified BASSET Instructor can others train under my license?
    Yes, as long as they have successfully taken and passed the BASSET Instructor Program and have received their certification.
  • Do you have to pay the $300 licensing fee to the ILCC for every instructor added to your license?
    No. Multiple certified instructors from your organization can all teach under one license.
  • Am I limited where I can teach the BASSET program as an instructor?
    No. Once certified and licensed, you can teach the program anywhere in Illinois.
  • What is the difference between a 4-hour "on-premise" class and a 3-hour "off-premise" class?"
    The 4-hour program is mandated for operations that have on-premise alcohol consumption (i.e. bars, restaurants, banquet halls, etc..). The 3-hour program is for retail operations only (i.e. liquor stores, grocery stores, etc..).
  • Can I teach a BASSET class with a 4-hour student BASSET certification?
  • When can submit the students that took and passed my BASSET class to the ILCC for BASSET card processing?
    You can only submit your BASSET roster excel spreadsheet via email on the first Tuesday or Thursday following the completion of your class. The ILCC will not accept, and does not recognize, class roster forms that are not submitted on one of those days.
  • Once I become a Certified BASSET Instructor am I authorized to train others to become BASSET Instructors?
  • Do BASSET Instructors need to provide their classes in both English and Spanish
    No. Instructors will be required to offer BASSET in both English and Spanish but can refer all Spanish speaking students to a licensed BASSET Instructor that teaches the course in Spanish. You can find bi-lingual instructors for referrals on the ILCC's website.
  • How long are BASSET student certifications good for?
    Outside of Cook County BASSET Student certifications have a 3-year expiration date, inside Cook County they have a 2-year expiration date.
  • If I am already TIPS or ServSafe certified do I still need to be BASSET certified?
    Although the ILCC recognizes TIPS and ServSafe as acceptable substitutes for the BASSET certification, many municipalities and companies do not. Check with your local government office or HR department for clarification.
  • Does the online BASSET class meet the requirements for both retail and on-premise consumption training time requirements?
  • What if you don't (or can't) finish the program in the 72 hours the system gives you when you register?
    You will have to re-register (and re-pay) for another program
  • Will my municipality or employer recognize an online BASSET certification?
    Inside Cook County, No. Outiside of Cook County, check with your local municipality or employer before registering for this program. This does NOT apply to the Online BASSET Instructor Program!
  • Will I get an official laminated BASSET card from the ILCC after I pass the program?
  • If I'm BASSET certified but can't find my card, do I have to take the class again?"
    If your license is still valid, no. Just contact the ILCC to inquire about getting a new laminated BASSET card. If your license has expired then yes.
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