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Meet the Company and Our Team

For over 28 years, CPB Consulting has been one of the leading hospitality education and training service providers in the United States. We offer specialized management and operational training programs that cater to corporate level hotel & lodging, food & beverage, convention and events, retail, and tourism operations. We also specialize in working with private and independently owned lodging, food and beverage, nightclub, and tourism operators as well.


We have been of service to hundreds of operators over the years including dozens of Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies. In addition, we have trained more than 32,000 Hospitality professionals in F&B and hotel operations, management, leadership, and the Illinois Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training program (BASSET)  


We pride ourselves in both our short and long-term business partnerships, and take great care in always making sure our clients know it!

We look forward to servicing all of your training and development needs!

Meet The Team

Charlie Mormino

Charlie Mormino
Director of Training & Development

Charlie is a veteran trainer, educator, consultant, owner, and manager in the Hospitality Industry with proven acumen in building and developing successful food & beverage, hotel, and specialty operations. 

His specialties reside in operational management, training & development, program design and implementation, and management coaching and mentoring.  He has a long history of developing (and rescuing) numerous high volume food and beverage operations, international and independent hotel brands, and hospitality training institutions.


He is also the founder of two professional bartending and hospitality management schools in the Chicagoland area which taught over 12,000 students over a 22 year period of time; has been an owner and manager of multiple upscale and high volume bar and restaurant operations in Chicago and Northern Illinois; was an Adjunct Professor of Hotel and Restaurant Management; and has been a BASSET Instructor in the State of Illinois since 1996, having taught over 20,000 BASSET students and 2,600 BASSET instructors during that period.  

Patrick Jones

Patrick Jones
BASSET Training Instructor

Business Owner/Trainer/BASSET Instructor as well as an active Federal Law Enforcement Lieutenant. Patrick has over 20+ years of experience working in the field of Contract Security Services and Law Enforcement. He's worked over six years in private security, providing safety & protection service throughout Chicago and surrounding suburbs.


He currently has over 14+ years of experience working as a Field Training Officer/Instructor/Supervisor in local and federal law enforcement, and has developed multiple policies and procedures on police training practices.


He has a B.S. in Criminal Justice and a Master Certification in Critical Infrastructure Protection. He's also created multiple training programs and curriculums that have been approved by the State of Illinois. 

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