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Online BASSET Instructor Certification Program

Welcome to the Online BASSET Instructor Certification Program, a convenient and comprehensive option designed directly from our live classroom curriculum, approved by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission.

What You Can Expect:

Our BASSET "Train the Trainer" course is a mandatory requirement for anyone aspiring to become a certified BASSET instructor in the State of Illinois. It caters to a diverse audience, including owners, managers, senior employees of alcohol sales establishments, police agencies, municipal workers, liquor industry professionals, and independent consultants seeking BASSET instructor certification.

Course Highlights:

  • Effective Public Speaking: Master the art of engaging in public speaking techniques.

  • Curriculum Development: Learn to set course objectives, create syllabi, establish program timelines, and more.

  • Group Dynamics: Understand group management and foster an inclusive learning environment.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Thoroughly explore the five crucial areas of BASSET and best practices for material presentation.


This program mirrors our live Instructor class curriculum, ensuring the same quality of instruction.


Flexible Learning:

Online BASSET Instructor Certification offers flexibility. Students have 160 days from registration to complete the program. You can log in and out at your convenience over four months, accommodating work and family commitments without feeling rushed.

Additional Benefits: Upon program completion, you'll be guided in applying for your BASSET instructor license from the Illinois Liquor Control Commission. As part of your tuition, we provide an updated 2024 pre-formatted and approved 4-hour (on-premise) and 3-hour (off-premise) BASSET classroom program, compliant with ILCC standards. Our materials are frequently updated with the latest laws, identification techniques, scientific data, statistics, and trends.

Comprehensive Materials:

  • Various Formats: Program materials are available in PowerPoint and .PDF formats, with tests, syllabuses, and timelines in Microsoft Word.

  • Rich Resources: Access hundreds of pages of supplemental training materials, over thirty segment videos, a research resource guide, JPGs for your program, and application submission instructions.


Ownership and Compliance:

Upon purchase, the program becomes your sole property, royalty-free. However, distribution or sale to third parties requires written consent from CPB Consulting LLC.

Fast-Track Your Training: Our Trainer Certification/BASSET Program Package allows clients who complete the trainer series and purchase the pre-approved program to hold their first BASSET class within three weeks of application submission to the ILCC.

Tuition Information:

Tuition for the Online Trainer Certification / 2024 BASSET Classroom Package Combination is $495.00, with special discounted tuition rates available for law enforcement.

Invoice Billing: Municipalities registering two or more students can opt for invoice billing, including provided W9. Contact us for details.

For registration and further information, please contact CPB Consulting at 815-342-3851 or

Now Available for Registration!

You will be redirected to From there, create a user profile, select the 'Online BASSET Instructor Certification Class' from the Course Catalog, add it to your cart, and check out to start your class immediately.

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