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The Hospitality Industry is currently going through a major transformation phase into the “new era” that will change the way the industry operates forever. The future of your operation will depend on developing managers, coaches, leaders, and staff who can take Hospitality to the next level for your customers, clients, and guests.

Training your employees on how to do their job is important, but it's even more important to continue that training and development over time to ensure that their growth, acumen, and professionalism is continuously evolving and improving.


The learner of yesterday was a victim of pushed learning that was restricted to the job and nothing about the future. The learner of today has more of a choice in what they learn, but still has some “old-school” limitations. The learner of tomorrow will be responsible for learning not only the formal industry systems, but also the social and cultural adaptations for integrating those systems.  As technology advances, generational marketing and spending patterns shift, cultural and eco-sustainability awareness increases, and social communications evolve, front line Hospitality professionals will need to be ready to accommodate and cater to those sweeping changes.

Custom outsourced training solutions offered by CPB Consulting ranges from engaging e-learning courses, current content conversion and modernization, web-based mobile learning, blended learning, classroom or remote instructor-led training, and learning management systems for assessment and evaluation. We offer a well-constructed learning and development eco-system that increases effectiveness by connecting employees at all levels to a broad range of content, processes, and technologies to drive higher performance.

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At CPB Consulting we are obsessed with helping Hospitality Operators build next-generation training capacity, enhance their brands, and respond swiftly and effectively to changing learner needs. Leveraging deep industry experience and best practice knowledge, our learning and training experts help our clients achieve workforce performance in areas of leadership development, operational effectiveness, customer relationship management, service and product training, employee onboarding, change management, cultural and generational awareness, health and safety, brand adaptation and more.

Our client list over the past 25 years include hundreds of small to mid-sized operations, national hospitality groups, and multiple Fortune 500 organizations. We provide extensive industry and learning (best practice-based) expertise to a diverse set of clients in numerous disciplines including food and beverage, hotel and lodging, travel and tourism, retail, and entertainment.

By understanding and recognizing the importance and need for ongoing training and development for your leadership and staff, you can ensure that even with the drastic wind shifts currently happening in the Hospitality Industry, your operation will keep sailing in the right direction.

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